Tall Wine Fridge by Kings Bottle for Sale

Observing the correct temperature conditions is very important both when serving and storing wine. Standard refrigerators are not suitable for storing wine because they cool drinks to a much lower temperature than recommended by sommeliers. This is where a compact and stylish tall wine cooler will come to your aid.

Why Our Tall Wine Coolers?

To begin, our tall wine fridge is not just a piece of professional kitchen equipment: it is a conceptual, elegant and modern piece of furniture that will be an excellent addition to your current furniture set.

The upright wine cooler case is made almost entirely of metal, with the exception of the front door, which is made of thin but impact-resistant glass framed by a steel rim. Special attention should be paid to the design of the internal shelves - they are made of 100% wood.

Moreover, instead of solid wood, each shelf is a lattice plate that prevents bottles from rolling around, and thus, keeps them from falling onto the floor or adjacent shelves.

Inner Construction of Tall Wine Refrigerators

Each tall wine refrigerator we make is equipped with an Embraco compressor.

As you may know, Embraco is an international company headquartered in Brazil, which has been operating in the market for 42 years. They specialize in cooling systems and are the world leader in the production of hermetic compressors. High-quality products and positive consumer feedback helped Embraco establish their place on the world stage and market  their products on five continents.

Kings Bottle large wine fridges are also equipped with a built-in controller by Carel. The company has many years of experience in the development of equipment for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and specializes in applying the most advanced and innovative technologies in its products.

Affordable Pricing Policy

In addition to new large wine coolers, our online store also offers for sale refurbished models. These chillers are in no way inferior in their technical characteristics to their fellows "off the assembly line", however, they come at a much more reasonable price. Thus, you can significantly save on buying kitchen appliances.

Two-Year Warranty

Every tall wine cabinet comes with a two-year warranty. You can rest assured that in the event of a refrigerator breakdown, any damages will be repaid.