3 Zone Wine and Beverage Cooler: Purchase Top Quality Combo Online

If you own a restaurant or simply have a big beverage collection at home, you may have faced the problem of how to store a variety of different drinks in a small place. Stocking them all in one fridge is a terrible solution, because an unsuitable temperature can ruin even the best wine’s taste. To solve this problem, KingsBottle created a triple zone cooler combo that can be the best buy for anyone who enjoys a nice drink.

Why You Should Buy a Triple Zone Beer and Wine Fridge combo

KingsBottle’s online store features 3-zone cooler combos in different sizes so you can easily find the perfect unit for your home kitchen, restaurant, or bar. Our refrigerators hold three spacious sections: two for wine and one for beverages, each one with an adjustable temperature range.

With our 3-zone wine and beer fridge combo you will benefit from:

  • High capacity – with a compact design, these refrigerators can hold a surprisingly large number of beverages. For example, the largest model has enough room for up to 164 bottles and 450 cans.
  • Quiet operation – the manufacturer uses long-living compressors that ensure vibration-free cooling.
  • Three temperature zones – so you can store beer, red and white wines at their ideal temperature.
  • Convenient use – beer and wine coolers are equipped with adjustable beverage shelves, digital display controllers, and security locks.
  • Save costs – instead of buying several individual fridges, you can purchase one combo.
  • Elegant design – you can use our wine and beverage fridge not only as a built-in unit but also an individual decorative element.

Multi-Zone Beer and Wine Refrigerator: Premium Quality for the Best Price

We believe that you deserve only high-quality products to store your favorite beverages. Therefore, KingsBottle equips triple zone wine and beverage coolers with safety glass resistant to UV radiation to preserve drink quality. Stainless steel frames guarantee a long useful life, while Emabrco compressors and fans maintain efficient cooling. In addition, you can benefit from a two-year warranty for this 3 zone wine and beer fridge combo.

The combination of high-quality construction and aesthetic design makes our multi-zone wine and beverage cooler a must-have for any beverage connoisseur. Purchase now to benefit from this ergonomic storage solution at a great price!