Upright Cooler Combos: Impressive Storage for Your Beverages

Do you want to maximize the beverage storage space in your restaurant? Are you struggling to find a place for your wine collection? Don’t worry: KingsBottle can solve these problems for you. Our full height wine and beverage fridge combo will impress you with the number of drinks such a compact device can hold.

Reasons You Need to Buy a Tall Wine and Beer Fridge Now

Full height cooler combos were designed specifically to store many different beverages in one place. There are styles with different capacities and different temperature zones, so you can find the perfect solution for your home, bar, or restaurant.

Our upright beer and wine coolers are:

  • High-capacity – the cabinet’s shelves are designed to hold up to 450 cans and 164 bottles (for the largest unit).
  • Compact – our cooler combos have unique heat dispersion systems so you can safely build them into cabinetry with minimal clearance.
  • Convenient – adjustable shelves let you store drinks of various sizes while the security lock protects your stock.
  • Customizable – for each temperature zone, you can adjust to the specific temperature perfect for your stored beverages.
  • Cost-saving – you buy a set of two units: tall beer and wine refrigerators, which stands side by side.

It is not only effective and convenient in use: KingsBotlle’s wine and beverage center also has an appealing design. Light interior, stainless steel elements, and elegant blue LED lighting make our fridges a fashionable piece of furniture.

Get the Premium Quality Full High Cooler Combo for the Best Price!

We know that only proper storage conditions can guarantee the great taste of your drinks. Therefore, we use only high-quality materials to ensure that you will have a fantastic experience.

Each tall wine and beverage fridge on sale is equipped with digital temperature controllers for precise cooling. Our cabinets have a durable steel door frame and double UV-resistant coating on the glass to protect your beverages from light sources. KingsBottle uses only quiet compressors and fans so our tall beer and wine fridge won’t disturb you with annoying vibration.