Wine Coolers

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At KingsBottle, we know and appreciate all that goes into making a fine bottle of wine, which is why we’ve combined the most sought after elements in wine refrigerators currently for sale into each of our units. Our world-renowned wine chiller fridges are available to everyone from Michelin-starred restaurants and five-star hotels to discerning connoisseurs and flourishing enthusiasts.

Innovative Storage Solutions

KingsBottle has a range of wine coolers for sale to offer storage solutions for any sized wine collection. Our wine refrigerators are both elegantly designed and remarkably durable, crafted with only the highest quality materials. 

World Class Features

  • State-of-the-Art Temperature Controls - Our single zone units are equipped with ultra-precise Carel control modules. The epitome of Italian engineering, Carel is renowned for reliable accuracy in wine chiller and fridge applications. Our dual-zone units use a quality digital control board and display to manage the two separate but connected zones, ensuring perfect temperature without having to pick a wine style to favor.
  • Embraco Compressors - The heart of any wine cooler for sale on the market, compressor quality can significantly impact the effectiveness of your wine chiller fridge. We’ve paired our renowned cooling fans with Embraco compressors to bring you the quiet efficiency you want with the reliable durability you need. 
  • Full 2-year Warranty - We don’t merely sell wine refrigerators online, we build relationships. We stand behind our products for two years from the date of purchase because we know we offer the absolute best wine chiller fridge for your money.

Wine Refrigerators - The Superior Choice

There is no better combination of style, durability, or innovation on the market. With a KingsBottle wine cooler fridge, you are guaranteed the best storage solution for your wine for years to come. If you have questions about any of our products or prices, don’t hesitate to contact us. Don’t let your investment sour—order your KingsBottle wine refrigerator today.

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