Wine Rack 101: Choosing the Perfect Wine Rack

Who doesn’t love a fine bottle of wine? There’s just something about a nice bottle of bubbly or a fine merlot that can complete the perfect day or serve as the final touch to a romantic evening for two. However, making sure you have the proper storage of your cherished bottles can be just as important as when you open them.

Whatever you want out of a wine rack, there’s a good one out there for you. This guide will give the rundown on what to consider when shopping for a wine rack so have an easier time honing in on the options that make the most sense for you.

Get to Know the Types of Wine Racks

Wine rack options range based on the purpose of the storage and size needed to accommodate your items, in this case, wine bottles.

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

Wall-mounted wine racks often do the double duty of holding wine bottles and providing some extra decoration like a piece of artwork you hang on the wall would.

These racks tend to be smaller since the more weight you add to a rack hanging on a wall, the greater you increase the risk of it falling. Most wall-mounted models will hold somewhere between four and twelve bottles, but there are wall-mounted racks that hold more.

Countertop Wine Racks

Countertop wine racks sit beautifully on any countertop or kitchen top surface for easy access during dinner parties, home events, or just for a quick refreshing glass at the end of a long day.

Like wall-mounted wine racks, their smaller build adds flexibility in placement so that they can easily be placed on a table or wherever you have some extra surface space without much problem. Countertop wine racks can hold around 40-50 bottles.

Floor Wine Racks

Depending on your business or home aesthetic, these floor wine racks can fit seamlessly into any space for seemingly endless interior design possibilities.

Some floor racks can reach impressively large sizes, making them exclusively suited for sitting on the floor. These wine racks appeal to the avid collectors who may expect to store many bottles or a restaurateur who needs more storage to accommodate their business needs.

Hanging Wine Racks

Hanging wine racks hang either from the ceiling or under cabinet space.

These elegant visionary marvels require specialized installation and sturdy design, so you don’t risk losing your wine in a messy fall. Considering how beautiful hanging wine racks look, the additional work is worth it.

Determine the Size You Want

The beautiful thing about wine racks is that they are as unique and varied as the wine lover they belong to. Depending on how many bottles you intend on storing, the decision to pick a particular style or size will be completely different.

For a modest, elegant addition to your home, you may go for a 12 bottle rack to display your most prized bottles. For a restaurant or large-scale collection, having a larger wine rack would fit beautifully.

For a comprehensive look into some of the best wine racks of the year, you can check our 2021 guide that covers it all.

Appeal to Your Aesthetic

Wooden and metal wine racks bring timeless sophistication to any space and aesthetic design.

Wood can come in multiple finishes, guaranteeing that it will always match your home or business’s decor. Metal racks are often black or silver but can come in other colors as well. For KingsBottle wine racks, they come in Dark Mahogany, Black Onyx, Rustic, and Natural Finish.

Wooden wine racks also have numerous design styles outside of just color. Within the many sizes offered, you also have a selection of grid, diamond, drawer, or shelf racks.

Custom Built Wine Racks for Flexible Storage

A great thing about wooden wine racks is how customizable they can be for any home, restaurant, or store. Depending on the vendor, you can select the width, height, wood or metal finishes, and more.

Another option is purchasing a modular wooden wine rack, giving you the flexibility needed for a growing wine collection. Start with one row, and as you expand your collection, you can purchase additional racks to add on top.

KingsBottle: The Only Wine Rack You’ll Ever Need

When it comes to your wine collection, we have the perfect wooden wine rack for any space. We offer a variety of custom-built and prefab options.

Store, age, or display your wines with KingsBottle wine racks and watch how showcasing your wine brings out the beauty in your bottles. Contact us today so we can help you find the perfect wine storage rack for your needs.