7 Frequently Asked Questions About Beverage Refrigerators

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a beverage fridge. With so many great options, picking the right one can be overwhelming. Luckily, this guide will answer some of the most asked questions when it comes to buying that cool new appliance for your home that all your guests will want in theirs too.

Here are seven common questions buyers have when preparing to shop for a commercial beverage refrigerator that’s right for them.

What Is a Beverage Refrigerator?

Beverage refrigerators allow you to store your cold drinks in locations away from your main refrigerator. These unique fridges or beverage centers maintain optimal temperatures for all beverages, including wine, beer, and more.

Additionally, although sizes vary widely, most of these products are easily portable and can be installed in many places around your home. These coolers offer the flexibility of use indoors or outdoor and adjustable settings that allow you to chill certain types of products, such as beer or wine, to their optimal temperatures.

What Type of Beverage Fridge Do I Need?

Because of the wide variety of sizes and options, you’ll no doubt find a model that is perfect for your usage. However, these kinds of appliances are generally free-standing or built-in.

Free-standing models can be kept any place indoors or outdoors where there is an appropriate electrical outlet to power them. Built-in beverage coolers need particular installation but can be customized to fit certain spaces for seamless integration.

Depending on the purpose, types of beverages you’ll be storing, and how many bottles of each, you can find a wide selection of fridge options to choose from. At KingsBottle, we’ll happily guide you through the shopping process.

What Are Standard Sizes of Beverage Refrigerators?

Beverage fridges come in small, mid-range, and large sizes. Smaller capacity fridges hold up to around 60 cans and are perfect for one to two people, while mid-sized models store between 80 and 100 cans. Larger units can hold 150 cans or more.

Where Can I Put My Beverage Cooler?

One of the benefits of having a beverage refrigerator is placement and capacity flexibility. The units are smaller than traditional refrigerators, making them perfect for offices, game rooms, family rooms, home theaters, outside patios, home bars, and many more places.  Built-in or under-counter beverage refrigerators can even be built into the cabinetry of your kitchen or home bar.

How Do I Maintain My Beverage Refrigerator?

Maintenance of your product will depend on its design and built-in features, like whether it has manual defrost or auto-defrost. A manual defrost unit needs more attention as it must be emptied of all contents and then unplugged to allow it to defrost.

However, in an auto-defrost product, the internal coils are heated at regular intervals to rid them of any ice or frost build-up. These refrigerators just need a gentle wipe of their back coils about every six months to keep them free of dust build-up as well.

What Special Features or Safety Options Do They Have?

The most popular add-ons on beverage fridges include digital temperature control, LED lighting, and reversible doors. In terms of safety options,  nearly every vendor offers models with a safety lock. 

Digital temperature control allows accurate temperature adjustment and reading. LED lighting is energy-saving and cost-effective, often using less current and lasting longer than traditional cooler lighting. Reversible doors offer the flexibility of adjusting the item’s front door to hinge and open in either direction.

How Much Do These Appliances Cost?

Prices range depending on the size and features added to your beverage refrigerator. The least expensive, smaller models can cost as low as $170, while higher-end or commercial-grade models price out around $2,000.

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