3 Reasons to Choose Wooden Wine Racks for Your Home

Whether you’re purchasing wine from your favorite winery, receiving them in a wine-of-the-month club, or just grabbing a few bottles at the nearby liquor store, correctly storing wine bottles is crucial.

The two main locations for storing your wine are wine refrigerators and wine racks. Storing in a wine refrigerator keeps the bottles at the correct temperature and ready to drink, while using wine racks is perfect for showcasing your wine and storing bottles that you might not have enough room for in the wine refrigerator.

The best way to showcase and store your excess bottles is with wooden wine racks. The wood provides a sturdy location to nestle the bottles in while making a beautiful display that you will not want to hide.

Even though wine racks can be made with many different materials, here are three reasons to choose wooden wine racks for your home:

Wooden Wine Racks Offer Easy Storage

The versatility of a wood wine bottle rack makes it easy to store your bottles anywhere. No matter what space you plan on using for storage, a wood rack can be built to fit while giving your bottles a safe and sturdy home. For example, under counter wine racks are a perfect option if you plan on keeping your wine close by in a kitchen or bar area. This also makes for quick transfer between the rack to the wine refrigerator you should have nearby.

Freestanding wine racks are good for both visible display in your living spaces and in storage in a basement or cellar. This gives more space for your collection to grow since you won’t be limited by the height of your counter.

A freestanding wine rack can be any height you need but a tall wooden wine rack gives you ample space for dozens of bottles. If you are worried about the stability of these racks, KingsBottle offers a wall bracket to connect any rack to the adjacent wall. This will prevent your rack from ever becoming unstable for any reason. 

Match Your Home’s Style

One of the most apparent benefits of wooden racks is the beauty of these pieces. The wood can come in multiple finishes, guaranteeing that it will always match your home or business’s decor. For KingsBottle wine racks, they come in Dark Mahogany, Black Onyx, Rustic, and Natural Finish. With any of these sleek and modern styles, the wine rack can accentuate all design styles.

Wooden wine racks also have numerous design styles outside of just color. Within the many sizes offered, you also have a selection of grid, diamond, drawer, or shelf racks. Choosing between these will depend on a few factors. If you’re displaying in a more public area or storing out of the way can change your preference.

Storing bottles to age will be different than just holding a few bottles until there’s room in your refrigerator. With plenty of options that all look uniquely beautiful, storing your wine never looked so good. 

Custom Built Wine Racks Provide Flexible Storage

A great thing about wooden wine racks is also how customizable they can be. KingsBottle offers a custom built wine rack for any home, restaurant, or store. You can select the width and the height anywhere between 1 and 10 holes and with one of the four wood finishes, these will fit in any space. Anything over 3ft in height or width can be built as well, just contact us for a tailored quote.

Another option is purchasing a modular wooden wine rack, giving you the flexibility needed for a growing wine collection. Start with one row and as you expand your collection, you can purchase additional racks to add on top. Our modular wooden wine rack has a variety of widths to select from, allowing you to choose the size that fits whatever space you are working with. Choose from 4 bottles to 12 bottles wide, adding as many rows as you need now and in the future. 

KingsBottle: The Best Source for All Your Wine Rack Needs

Whether you’re working on your own DIY home wine bar, creating the perfect wine storage in your basement or cellar, or displaying countless bottles of wine for a restaurant or shop, KingsBottle is here to make sure you have the perfect wooden wine rack for your specific location and needs.

Elegantly designed with a minimalistic feel to let your wine shine and remarkably durable construction to store your bottles securely, these wine racks are the perfect balance of chic form and function. With KingsBottle wine racks, we guarantee the best storage solution for your bottles of wine for years to come.

Store, age, or display your wines with KingsBottle wine racks and watch how showcasing your wine makes all the difference. Contact us today so we can help you find the perfect wine storage solution for your home.