What Is a Wine Cooler?

All of us love good wine and it is very important to store it properly. Old mansions have private bodegas but not everyone can get a mansion with a fancy cellar. These days, however, you can get a wine cooler for any type of real estate.

The best wine cooler definition is, probably, that it’s an accessory made for storing and serving wine in the best possible conditions.

Wine storing

There are several frequently asked questions regarding the purchase of a wine cooler. We’d like to answer some of them.

What Does a Wine Fridge Do?

Contrary to its name, it doesn’t cool the wine. It ages it. So, a serious collector should especially consider purchasing such a device. By the way, every other type of wine requires the right temperature to be properly stored. Usually, it varies between 50° and 59° Fahrenheit which can be set manually on the wine cooler.  

What Is the Main Difference between a Wine Cooler and a Fridge?

Fridges are made to preserve wine and coolers are made to age them properly. A cooler maintains a stable temperature, so you can store your wine collection for an elongated period of time. Wine coolers don’t have natural light, which damages the wine. The wine bottle is already comprised of a dark and thick glass which serves as protection, but it still cannot withstand long exposure to natural light. That’s where wine coolers step in.

What Is a Wine Cooler Used For?

Usually, wine coolers are used for home collections and restaurants with a great wine selection. They come in various sizes that can carry different numbers of bottles, so you can find one to fit any space in your room.

What Is a Kingsbottle Wine Chiller?

Kingsbottle Wine Chiller

Each of our fridges is hand selected. Our product line maximizes quality, since all of our wine fridges are top-of-the-line models. We care about the results of storing and use only top-notch components, such as Embraco compressors, Carel controllers from Italy, Omron relays from Japan, and many others.


Each wine collection or wine storage needs a perfect specialized refrigerator. Our specialists will help you pick a perfect wine fridge for any purpose, available space, and budget. It is a great investment for your hobby or business that will pay off with great wine taste and style.