Quirks of keeping red and white wines in a dual zone wine fridge by KingsBottle USA

Quirks of keeping red and white wines in a dual zone wine fridge

Admirers of wine would like to invest their energies in knowing the synergy that applies to taking care of the bottle. Wine is not merely a drink but a signature of panache to keep dear to oneself. Often, it is also vintage and quite expensive and must be kept at a certain temperature. Now, believing that you prefer to store your wines in both red and white kinds, it could be a huge issue to have two different wine fridges. Both of those would be taking a whole lot of space in your kitchen and the electricity bill will be through the roof.

KingsBottle USA at the rescue with a dual zone wine fridge that allows you to store both red and white wines in different compartments within the same refrigerator. This is a sophisticated compact design with a soul purpose to manage red and white wine together but in separate temperatures that is suitable to them respectively. Aging process of the wine is dependent quite a lot on the temperature, ideal way to do is to keep it between 55-65 Fahrenheit degrees.

If the wines are not kept at their designed temperature than they are almost forced to be aged and that premature condition would take away the flavor of a wine. After all we all know that the grace of a perfectly aged wine is unparalleled to any other drink. One of the important thing to keep in mind while storing the wine in the fridge is to make sure that it’s cork is not even subtly displaced from its original position. Red wine must not taste sweet and the color of it should refrain itself from turning brown. For the love of wine, reach out to KingsBottle USA on the website and pick from our wide variety wine fridges.