Best Tips to Keep Your Wine Cooler Running Smoothly

Ever wished you could head to your kitchen or cellar and grab a perfectly chilled bottle of white? With your own personal wine cooler, this dream becomes a reality. However, what many first-time fridge owners fail to realize is that good wine cooler maintenance is crucial. If you learn to take good care of your wine fridge, you’ll reduce the chance of unexpected faults and problems, ensuring that your wine stays at the perfect temperature all year round. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to maintain a wine cooler, along with some common problems with wine coolers.

Understanding the Wine Cooler Installation Process

The first step to wine fridge or wine cellar maintenance is the installation process. In order to avoid early issues, be sure to take extra when installing the fridge. If you are installing the fridge yourself, be sure to read the instruction manual fully before you begin to set up the fridge.

With almost all wine fridges, it’s important that you let the fridge air out before you plug it in and load it up with wine. Airing the fridge out will remove any smells that could linger and affect the quality of your wine.

How to Approach Cleaning

No matter where you place your wine refrigerator, cleaning will be a necessity for good maintenance. Most manufacturers recommend that you clean your fridge once or twice a year, when you need to do a specific repair, or if you break a bottle. 

By cleaning your cooler regularly, you will make sure the appliance can run properly. It’s natural for grime and dirt to build up in the fan and other wine cooler parts, which can cause blockages, and, eventually, breakages. 

The manufacturer should provide you with instructions on cleaning the refrigerator properly. You will need to switch on the appliance and remove all of the contents before you begin. With a dual-zone wine fridge, you should remove all the contents before beginning to avoid accidental breakages. 

We recommend using non-abrasive cleaning supplies to protect the internal materials of the fridge. Make sure to be extra careful as you wipe the inside of the fridge to avoid accidentally damaging your cooler.

You will also need to clean your appliance if you accidentally break any bottles in the fridge. A leak can become dangerous and can do serious damage to the inner mechanics of the fridge.

Troubleshooting Wine Fridge Issues

When it comes to maintaining your wine fridge, you’ll also have to keep an eye out for some of the tell-tale signs of internal damage.

  • Leaking Water. Leaking water in or around your cooler is usually a sign of condensation. This can happen if you accidentally leave your fridge door open, or if your fridge accidentally turns off. If the water leak doesn’t go away, you may wish to contact a mechanic.
  • Mold. Mold grows in places with dark, cool conditions. Try using baking soda or chalk to soak up excess moisture and stop the mould in its tracks.
  • Fan Problems. If one or both of the fans stop working, the temperature in your fridge may start to go up. Make sure the fan isn’t obstructed and look for signs of excess dust or debris. If these aren’t the issues, you may need a fan replacement.
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