The Best Rooms for Home Wine Coolers

If you’ve been considering investing in a home wine refrigerator, you’re making a wise decision. Having a home wine fridge means that you are guaranteed to store your wines at an optimum temperature. If you are interested in preserving your wines and getting the best taste out of your prized bottles, this investment is a no-brainer. 

However, many new wine collectors forget to ask themselves where their new wine fridge will go in their home. Well, the best place to put your fridge will vary depending on the layout of your home, your lifestyle, and, of course, the type of wine fridge you decide to buy. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best spots for home wine coolers and why.

General Tips for Home Wine Coolers

Whether you’re after a brand new fridge or you’re looking at used wine coolers for sale, choosing where to position your wine fridge involves a little more thought and care than you may realize. Here are some general tips.

  • Do some research on the main types of wine coolers. Find out whether you’d prefer a freestanding cooler, a built-in wine cooler, an under counter wine fridge, or a countertop wine cooler. You’ll want to choose based on the space you have in your home, and the amount of wine you wish to store.
  • Choose a cool, dark corner of the house. Avoid placing your cooler in direct sunlight, as this can alter the carefully selected temperature.
  • Avoid placing your wine cooler near household appliances like ovens or washing machines, as this can also affect the temperate.
  • Make sure the fridge won’t become a noise annoyance. Keep the fridge away from living spaces and bedrooms, as some fridges do emit a low buzzing noise.

The Best Rooms for Home Wine Cooler

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to put your new wine fridge. This room is a natural spot to keep your wine. The kitchen is convenient, as you can grab a bottle as you cook or prepare dinner, and bring it to the table with your meal. The kitchen usually has a bit more space than other parts of the home. The great thing about choosing your kitchen is that you can try to find a wine fridge that slots into the room’s workflow and design.

2. Cellar

If you have a cellar, why not transform it into a wine cellar? Cellars are ideal for wine storage as they are dark and cool, meaning your fridge can operate optimally. A cellar is also a great place for a cooler as it is out of the way - you may have more space in this room for a freestanding fridge, or even a larger combination wine and beer fridge. If you want to avoid adding clutter to your home, this might be the perfect spot for you. 

3. Dining Room

If you have a separate dining room where you hold family meals and dinner parties, you may opt to keep your wine cooler here. This spot is perfect for grabbing a convenient second bottle of perfectly chilled wine during a long, relaxed meal or party. Plus, you can show off your collection to your guests!

4. Den/ Family Room

If you have a more relaxed family room or entertainment room, you may wish to keep your wines here. This room is where the family spends their downtime, so why not set up a minibar, complete with a wine fridge in this part of the house? You’ll love the convenience of grabbing a glass of wine as you kick back and relax in the evening or in the afternoon.

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