Best Outdoor Beverage Refrigerators for 2024

It’s summer, and that means it’s time to spend time outside in the warm weather. Nothing beats sipping a cold beer while relaxing by your pool, and the less often you have to interrupt the experience, the better. 

Nobody feels like getting up and walking inside the house to dig their next beer out of the fridge. The abrupt blast of cold air that comes from walking into an air-conditioned house ruins the relaxing mood of enjoying the summer weather. 

Our picks for outdoor beverage coolers for 2024

Pick #1: 36-Inch Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator 2 Door For Home

53-Inch Solid 3-Door Outdoor Beverage Drinks Cooler

This stainless steel outdoor beverage refrigerator features a stylish two-door design, a mirrored interior cabinet, and is energy efficient. The added lock and backup key are ideal for keeping your drinks safe when you’re not home. 

You can easily store up to 120 bottles and 198 cans in this unit. The adjustable temperature range lets you store your beverages between 34-46°F.

It comes with a standard two-year warranty, with several options to increase the length of the warranty. 

If you’re interested in this outdoor cooler, pre-order it now and you’ll save 20%.

Pick #2: 53-Inch Solid 3-Door Outdoor Beverage Drinks Cooler

53-Inch Solid 3-Door Outdoor Beverage Drinks Cooler

The 53-inch outdoor beverage drinks cooler is the ultimate choice for entertainers looking for a bigger solution for storing their drinks.

This unit is beautifully designed using commercial-grade 304 stainless steel, features an industry-leading Italian Carel temperature controller, and the front-venting dispersion system makes integrating this unit into cabinetry an easy process. It also comes with a standard two-year warranty, which you can upgrade if you want.

This outdoor beverage cooler can store up to 190 bottles and 324 cans, so there’s no shortage of space.

Are you interested in ordering a unit for your outdoor entertaining area? Get in touch with a member of the KingsBottle team if you have any questions.

Why Outdoor Beverage Centers Are the Right Choice

An outdoor beverage cooler allows you to spend your entire day outside without needing to worry about refills. The best outdoor beverage refrigerators come with enough capacity to store enough drinks for days, which saves you the inconvenience of frequently restocking the fridge. 

Most outdoor beer coolers also come with a security lock that keeps your drinks safe even outside your home. Among other features, the security lock means there’s almost no reason not to have an outdoor beverage center if you spend a lot of time outside. 

What to Look For in the Best Outdoor Refrigerators

Finding a good outdoor refrigerator for your beverages can be a challenge. There are many options on the market, and unless you have some technical knowledge, you might have trouble telling them apart. Here is a quick list of basic factors you should consider before buying an outdoor beverage refrigerator.

Make Sure it Looks Good

Your outdoor beer cooler is quite a visible part of your home, being out in the open. You should try and make sure it fits in with the rest of your home’s aesthetics. Shiny metallic finishes or light colors are also good ideas to prevent the fridge from heating up too much in the sun. 

The best beverage refrigerators have glass doors that allow you to clearly see your drinks. Seeing into the fridge isn’t just aesthetic: it also allows you to easily spot when your fridge needs refilling. Ideally, the fridge will include a way to prevent condensation on the glass, which is especially important if you live in a hot or humid area. 

Check the Core

Your outdoor beer fridge will likely be running nearly all the time, so it’s important to invest in one that runs efficiently and quietly. In particular, look at the temperature controller in the beverage fridge, as well as the compressor. 

Before you commit to a buy, check the energy consumption to make sure it won’t cost you too much to keep running. This simple check can save you a lot of expenses in the long run.

Keep Your Drinks in Good Condition

You likely won’t be checking on your outdoor beverage center too often, so you might not notice if the temperature is off. Keeping your drinks at their optimal temperature is important, so you should be looking for a fridge with an automatic temperature monitoring system to keep your drinks safe. 

KingsBottle’s Recommendations

Be the hero this summer when relaxing with family and friends outdoors. KingsBottle’s outdoor beverage refrigerators are a great addition to any outdoor patio or deck where you plan to entertain guests.

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