Refurbished Beverage Coolers

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Refurbished Beverage Coolers

When you open your own restaurant or any other place where you plan to sell chilled drinks, it is very important to ensure that they are kept in appropriate conditions. Instead of a standard refrigerator for beer bottles and beer cans, you need a specially equipped beer fridge with a transparent door, coasters and a thermostat. Normally, new professional equipment is not cheap and takes up a large part of your budget that’s already spread thin. If you want to save approximately 20-50% of the initial price of the refrigerator, refurbished beverage coolers at the most affordable cost and can be purchased at our online store, are ideal for you.

Generally speaking, mini-refrigerators are widely used in hotels, restaurants and bars, as well as in diners, buffets and cafes. At the same time, a beer refrigerator with a glass door can act as part of the interior in modern coffee shops or nightclubs. At the eye level, the beer cooler is usually filled not only with beer and cocktails, but also with aesthetic cakes and desserts, to evoke both the appetite and the admiration of visitors. A transparent drink cooler and its contents can become a central accent point in the establishment, especially with the use of special lighting.

Design Features of Beverage Coolers

A beverage cooler is a compact device in the form of a cabinet with the function of cooling and freezing liquids. As a rule, the operating temperature inside is 0⁰C to -12⁰C (32⁰  to 10⁰F). In addition, if the drink refrigerator is intended to be used as a display case, its design also implies a glass case shell so the buyer will be able to view the selection of drinks or desserts. However, there are also drinks fridge models with opaque walls. As a rule, they serve to store certain wines and liqueurs that need to be kept away from the light.

Should You Buy a Beverage Cooler for Home Use?

A drink chiller is often purchased for the home kitchen. This speaks, as a rule, to the respectful attitude of the owner to the collected beverages and to the guests. A miniature home beverage refrigerator helps to maintain the correct temperature for liquors, tinctures, beer, vodka, and cold desserts such as ice cream before guests arrive. The beverage center can also be used instead of the wine cellar for long-term storage of alcoholic beverages.

Buy a Refurbished Beverage Cooler

If you are looking to buy the best-rated refurbished beverage coolers with the best consumer reports from popular manufacturers at the best price, take a look at the selection at our online store. All of our refrigerators for sale are equipped with energy efficient premium class Carel thermal regulators and made of impact-resistant and rust-proof materials. If used carefully, this makes them last almost forever. Some reconditioned beverage fridges are an exhibition samples others are returned ones (you may see slight scratches and dents on the surface of products) and they all come with a 90 days warranty.