What Are the Main Types of Wine Coolers?

What household appliance is most needed by a majority of wine consumers? It goes without saying that a wine connoisseur can’t do without a wine refrigerator. However, there are many options available on the wine cooler market. Sometimes, it is really hard to make the right choice. Let’s go through all the characteristics of the various types of wine coolers available on the market to find the perfect option for you!

The Main Types of Wine Coolers in 2020

Main Types of Wine Coolers

Wine Fridge Temperature Zones

When analyzing this category, you should keep in mind that wine fridges are subdivided into the following categories:

  • Single Zone Wine Coolers — Such refrigerators keep the temperature ideal for your wine and can have a storage capacity of up to 166 bottles. They can be easily integrated into any kitchen.
  • Dual Zone Wine Fridge — The main distinctive feature of this type is the ability to store various wines at different temperatures at the same time. This item might be the best solution if you have multiple types of wine requiring different conditions.
  • Multi-Zone Wine Fridge - Sophisticated collectors will definitely benefit from using these refrigerators. If you have a truly impressive collection of wine, you should opt for this type of cooler because it allows you to store more than 100 bottles, in one place, at different temperatures.

It is up to you to decide what type of wine cooler is the best for you. Just keep in mind that everything depends on the wine collection you have.

Wine Coolers by Technology Type

Today, there are the following two types of fridges:

  • Compressor Wine Cooler  - This technology works by compressing air, then releasing it in order to decrease the temperature inside the cooler. Powerful cooling capacity is the primary benefit of this type.
  • Thermoelectric Wine Cooler - This cooler does not make noise because it uses an electric current with no alternating mechanisms, compressors, or motors. Additionally, it will not over-freeze and consumes very little energy.

Wine Fridge Dimensions

If you want to give your bottles the royal treatment, you need to consider lots of aspects, including size.

  • Mini Wine Fridge - Their capacity may be small, but they are the perfect option for hotels. KingsBottle coolers have a digital control panel and guarantee unsurpassed quality.
  • Large Wine Fridge - This style is the best solution for connoisseurs with a huge collection of wine.
  • Tall Wine Fridge.  - These fridges are elegant, tall, and narrow, look professional, and take up very little space.

Wine Cooler Location

Before you buy the best fridge for you, decide where you want to place it. It is your personal preference to a certain extent, but there are some other aspects to consider, such as the following:

  • Freestanding Wine Cooler - Unlike built-in coolers, these items are designed for standalone installations.
  • Built in Wine Refrigerator - These are designed to fit your lifestyle and the design of your kitchen.
  • Under Counter Wine Fridge - These are a perfect solution for your kitchen, restaurant and cafe owners. They are stylish, compact, and spacious, and usually come with two sections for wine and beer.
  • Countertop Wine Cooler - These are usually small and allow you to store up to 25 bottles.

If you are currently searching for the best wine cooler for your restaurant, hotel, cafe or home, you can find a wide variety of items at KingsBottle, an online store specializing in premium quality wine coolers. Here you’ll find a variety of reliable and high-quality items for any taste and budget!