Give Your Bar a Handsome Make-Over With An All New Commercial Beverage Cooler From KingsBottle USA

If you are one of those who has the coolest job of running their own bar for the living, then you must be knowing how important it is to cool all your beverages at the right temperature at all times. The problem arises when there are too many customers and they all want their beverages to be served at the earliest. Well, your savior is here, the commercial beverage cooler from KingsBottle USA.
KingsBottle USA Commercial Beverage Cooler
KingsBottle USA Commercial Grade Back Bar Fridge, 1 Self-closing Glass Door sports a sturdy, black-finished cabinet with beautiful double glazed glass doors and bright LED lighting. This 138 Litre commercial back bar fridge is a space champion that fits in the tightest of the bar spaces, and its quick self-closing door prevents the escape of the cold air.
With a high-quality LG compressor, premium temperature controller from Carel of Italy, and an automatic defrosting control mode, it works brilliantly even with the rough use. A room high/low-temperature alarm system and an energy-saving management feature adds to its virtues and allows the drinks to be cooled perfectly without costing much on the utility bills.
A gas-charged, tempered double-glazed safety-glass door with black trim is engineered to keep optimum insulation while making it look attractive to display your beer and beverage stock. 
The black body hides scratches and maintains same smooth finish year after year. Bright illumination by LED light provides visibility in the dark ambiance of the bar.
KingsBottle USA Commercial beverage cooler is not just an elegant refrigerator, but it is also a vibration free, noise free, heavy duty, quick-cooling beverage cooler that is designed to withstand the wear of the commercial use. Buy one now, and your bar will never run short of cool beverages.