Dual Zone Vs. Single Zone Wine Cooler: What You Need to Know to Choose a Wine Cooler

Storing your wine isn’t a glamorous subject: you won’t be hearing about it at a tasting event. If you enjoy wine, you’re probably aware that storing your wine properly is important. No matter how good your wine is, if it isn’t stored properly you won’t be able to get the most out of it. Whether you enjoy a few wines casually or are a serious enthusiast, you need a wine cooler. 

A wine cooler is the modern equivalent to a wine cellar. This piece of equipment is a special type of refrigerator that lets you store wines at precise temperatures and get at it easily when you need it. Wine coolers provide a suitable temperature and humidity to store your wine that will help it keep for as long as possible. 

Choosing a wine cooler online will require you to pick between a dual or single zone wine fridge. Typically, dual zone wine refrigerators are more expensive, but depending on a variety of factors, a dual zone fridge might be a better choice for you. Here are a few factors you should consider before making your decision.

Wine Varieties 

The most important factor for your choice of wine cooler is the types of wine you enjoy. Generally, red wines need to be stored at higher temperatures than white wines, and storing them together is a bad idea. 

If you want to store both of these types of wines, your best bet is a dual zone wine fridge, since it can create zones with different temperatures to allow you to store each wine at its optimal temperature.

If you only need to store one type of wine, such as red only or white only, then a single zone wine fridge is usually enough to handle your needs. 

If you’re not sure and think you might want to store multiple varieties of wine at the same time at some point, you should pick a dual temperature wine cooler. Dual zone coolers must maintain a temperature difference of at least 5 degrees in its two zones, so keep that in mind as this will improve performance in both zones.

Take Care of Your Vintages

Single zone wine coolers are much better at maintaining a single temperature with high accuracy. This makes it the ideal choice for storing wines that require a consistent temperature range.

Dual zone wine coolers offer the wide range and high temperature accuracy you need to make sure your collectible wines stay in good shape. However, the slight differences in the two temperature zones is something to keep in mind. Dual zone coolers are often the right choice if you want to store multiple drinks, like beer, wine, and other refreshments.

How Often You Open the Fridge

Opening the door to your wine cooler leads to a change in temperature that the cooler needs to handle. This means that the more often you access your wine cooler, the more suboptimal temperatures your wines are exposed to while the cooler equalizes the temperature. 

Dual-zone coolers are better for holding wines for easy access, because they have precise temperature controls. The closer to the ideal temperature the cooler is before the door is opened, the less time the wine spends at a suboptimal temperature. 

Having your wine cooler in a convenient area is important if you need to open it often. A built in wine cooler behind your counter is the best way to store and easily access your wines whenever you need, without compromising the wines’ storage temperature. On the other hand, a single zone wine cooler is your best bet for long-term storage of single types of wines.

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