Commercial Pharmacy Refrigerator Buying Guide: What You Need to Know

Refrigeration in a pharmacy is of the utmost importance, and even more so now as distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine begins to arrive in pharmacies across the world. If you are preparing to buy a commercial pharmacy refrigerator, there is much you will need to consider.

After all, these aren’t just everyday refrigerators but critical components to the storing and preservation of the medicines and vaccines in your pharmacy. Temperature fluctuation, machine-failure, and unauthorized access are a few of the many problems that might be caused by choosing the wrong pharmacy medical refrigerator.

Research and planning are the best tools to avoid potential errors so with this buying guide, you’ll find the knowledge you need and the major components to look for in a commercial pharmacy refrigerator.

Size Considerations for Pharmacy Medicine Refrigerators

This first choice, and most obvious choice visually, is the size of the refrigerator. Pharmacy medicine refrigerators can come in many sizes. Some are compact refrigerators meant to fit under a counter. Others are tall, upright units with much more space and can be many doors wide.

So, how can you simplify this process?

  • Decide where the refrigerator is going to be. If you only have space under a counter, a compact medical refrigerator may be perfect. With more space available, you can then compare this to taller, upright options. KingsBottle also offers a large, two-door unit if this is the storage capacity needed. 
  • Consider the number of products you will need to store. When planning out the amount, take into consideration that there needs to be space between each individual item so there is room for airflow around each item, maintaining the necessary temperature. 
  • Think about the variety of products you will be storing and how often you’ll need access. If you are storing different products in one refrigerator, taking time to dig around for the product you need might affect the inside temperature. Having multiple compact refrigerators or a larger unit can help you avoid this issue.

Commercial Pharmacy Refrigerators & Temperature

Every medicine or product you are storing will have a specific temperature for storing to ensure the integrity and efficacy of the medicine. Because of this, you will need to make sure the refrigerator you are purchasing can be set to the temperature needed. For example, our pharmacy and laboratory refrigerators are manufactured for a range of 2°C to 8°C.

Still, being set at a specific temperature isn’t the only issue to worry about. The refrigerator should guarantee even temperatures throughout the unit so that you will be able to verify every product inside is in the correct atmosphere. If the unit has a high-precision temperature control system with sensitive sensors, you can assure that the display is showing a consistent, accurate temperature.

Our refrigerators have sensors sensitive enough to show a temperature reading within a 0.1℃ accuracy. They also come with a high brightness digital temperature and humidity display so you always know what temperature the unit is set to.

Keeping the Focus on Health & Safety

Whether you are following CDC Vaccine Storage Guidelines or the manufacturer’s recommendations, certain safety features are advised or required for storing pharmaceutical products. These features will help eliminate errors, protect the product, and help avoid possible failures of a unit.

One feature to look for on a pharmacy medicine refrigerator is having different types of alarm systems. With a KingsBottle unit, your refrigerator comes with audio and visual alarms for high and low-temperatures, power failures, sensory failures, and the door being ajar. The door also has a lock to prevent unauthorized opening and operation.

As mentioned previously, sensors monitoring the temperature play an important role for the refrigerator, and having multiple sensors will provide extra protection. Our compact refrigerator is equipped with two sensors. If the primary sensor fails, the secondary sensor automatically starts up to ensure continuous monitoring. Our upright models come with seven sensors to provide high-precision temperature control and safety monitoring.

Combined with a forced-draft air circulation system, these units will keep your products at the correct temperature at all times and provide quick temperature recovery even after door openings. And with HCFC-free insulation and CFC-free refrigerant, KingsBottle guarantees an environmentally friendly and energy saving pharmacy refrigerator.

KingsBottle: The Best Source for Your Pharmacy Refrigeration Needs

Whether you are buying pharmacy or laboratory refrigerators, KingsBottle has all the options you need.

With laboratory refrigerator prices to fit your budget and the right sizes for any location, we have your pharmaceutical or medical lab refrigerator ready to ship. 

At KingsBottle, we have over a decade of experience in the refrigeration industry. We believe in our products, which is why we offer a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Are you interested in learning more about our commercial pharmacy refrigerators? Get in touch with a member of our team today.