Wine Cooler Capacity

Most wine cooler refrigerator suppliers reference bottle capacity for wine coolers based on the amount of “standard” Bordeaux-size bottles that will fit into wine coolers. The truth to the matter is there is not an actual standard size bottle. As you may be aware, the larger and longer bottles are becoming a more popular selection in the US market. Bottles come in many shapes, sizes and styles; varying from thin and tall, short with wide shoulders, and wide, broad and tall. Should you store any of these non-Bordeaux size bottles with your collection, the capacity for storage may be lower than stated in their product description.
Here is a general guide from most wine cooler suppliers:
  • Half of your collection equals non “standard” Bordeaux bottles, you may reduce your capacity by around 25%.
  • Your collection consists mainly of the larger non “standard” Bordeaux bottles, you may reduce your capacity by 40%
Since wine collection varies, no collection will be the same. For more reading relating to the importance of wine bottle sizes click here: "They Come In All Shapes And Sizes: The Importance Of Wine Bottles"
From 2016, KingsBottle wine coolers, whatever single zone or dual zone, the interior cabinet and wood shelves are re-designed and optimized for maximum bottle capacity with standard Bordeaux, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Champagne/Sparkling Wine bottles in mind. This means a lot, we are sure you will find a pleasure to use our wine coolers with this benefit.
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