Undercounter Wine Cooler and Refrigerator

Show Off Your Wines With Kingsbottle’s Under Counter Wine Fridge

Do you find yourself amassed with a variety of bottles hidden in cupboards or taking up the space next to tequila on your bar cart? It is time to organize your collection with Kingsbottle’s under counter wine fridge.

KingsBottle will exceed your expectations with its impeccable design and styles. Whether you need a wine cooler for a hotel, restaurant or personal chamber, we have you covered. Under counter wine cooler offer a great alternative to wine racks when having to store your vintage collection. You need to be able to store and serve wine at its optimal temperature and these units make that possible. The perfect conditions help with the aging and cooling of wine which in turn upgrades its flavor and color. They are not just functional but will also flaunt your wine bottle collection. Wine coolers are a perfect addition to any kitchen or wine room.


  • Dual Zone Operation: independent climate zones provide precise control
  • Digital Controls: a digital display and touch option makes selecting the appropriate setting a breeze
  • Safety Lock protects all your vintage in your under counter refrigerator
  • Tinted Glass: UV double-layer coated glass to protect from incandescent and fluorescent light
  • Manufacturer Warranty: all our units come with 2 year warranty from the date of purchase
  • Equipped with the most optimized Embraco compressors
  • Reversible Door Swing: easily reverse to left or right as needed

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