Single Zone Wine Coolers

Buy our single zone wine cooler and make a stylish addition to your kitchen appliances

If you have been searching for single zone wine coolers that are perfect for a wine connoisseur and can easily be integrated into any kitchen, then your search ends here. At KingsBottle, we provide beautifully designed and top-quality wine coolers that serve as a brilliant storage solution for your wine collection.

Easily adjustable and maintainable, our single zone wine coolers are ideal to keep your wines chilled at serving temperature for your guests. The best thing about our coolers is that they can easily be placed in your kitchen due to their convenient size. Our coolers are not only rated highly in terms of functionality but aesthetic appeal as well because they integrate seamlessly with any interior while adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the same as well.

You can expect the following features in our single zone wine cooler:

  • Storage capacity of up to 130 bottles. So no matter how many guests you have invited, our cooler will be enough to ensure an adequate supply of drinks.
  • We also offer a 2- year warranty on all our products so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are buying a reliable product.
  • Our coolers keep your electricity bills low while offering a smooth operation as well. It’s unique and innovative design not only makes it energy efficient but makes it look more chic as well.

To get your own single zone wine cooler, just give us a call at TEL: 562-944-1888 or place your order online.

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