Double Door Wine Cooler

Choose Our Double Door Wine Cooler To Keep Your Beverages Chilled At All Times

The temperature at which wine is stored can alter its taste. If you are looking for the most reliable and stylish wine cooling solutions, then you have come to the right place. Our double door wine coolers offer the best solution for your home kitchen, restaurant or bar. With features like control lighting, specifically designed shelving and multiple temperature control options, our wine coolers are perfect for your kitchen.

If you are passionate about your wines, then preserve their taste with our double door wine coolers. Now you can store both white and red wines at different temperatures in just one appliance. Our double door wine coolers allow you to store both red and white wines together at optimal temperatures.

Our coolers come with additional features as well. From adding stylish wooden shelves to tinted glass display counters, we give you a cooler with extra design elements to make your kitchen look even more sophisticated.

Our wine coolers are manufactured using the latest technology and are perfect for any location. The coolers we provide have retractable shelves which allow you to store bottles of different dimensions as well. With a soft LED interior lighting and sophisticated trimmed shelves, we provide you with a timeless design so that will look great in any setting. We assure you that our double door wine cooler will be the perfect addition to any functional kitchen design, whether it is residential or commercial.

With quality finishing and modern and captivating cooler design, KingsBottle stands out from its competitors in the industry. To place an order or to know more about our cooling solutions, just give us a call at 562-944-1888.

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