Countertop Wine Cooler

Get Your Own Countertop Wine Cooler To Keep Your Beverages At Serving Temperature

If you have gathered a collection of wine but you are unhappy with the current wine storage arrangements at home, KingsBottle can offer you an affordable countertop wine cooler that can meet your requirements. Whether you need a small wine cooler to chill a few bottles, or more, this is the appliance you are looking for.

If there is limited space inside your home and you would like a separate refrigerator for your beverages, our countertop wine cooler is the most suitable option. You can place it anywhere on a kitchen countertop or on a cabinet or table in the living room. Thermoelectric technology is used which ensures these units are soundproof. These wine coolers should be placed at a reasonable distance from the walls as they require proper ventilation to function effectively. If you want to integrate a cooler with the furniture you can pick a built-in model.

Whether you need single or dual zone coolers, we have different models of coolers to meet your requirements. The smart design allows storage of wine in coolers that are moveable and can be placed anywhere according to the needs of the clients. To learn more about our counter top wine cooler, call us at TEL: 562-944-1888 or 855-856-1841 (Toll-Free).

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