Carel Controller Operation Instructions

User Instructions for download 

Power ON/OFF
Power ON/OFF the fridge

Hold the button for over 3 seconds to power ON/OFF the fridge.

Adjust Temperature Setting

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This video is the instruction about how to adjust the temperature of Carel controller

Step 1. Press the “SET / MUTE” button for more than 3 seconds until the display shows the code St.

Step 2. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust the temperature.

Step 3. Press SET / MUTE button to save the setting. If no buttons pressed for 5 seconds, the changes of setting will be saved and the DISPLAY will show the actual temperature.

Parameters Preset Value Setting/Modifying

Parameters Default Preset Value download

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Note: The default values of these parameters are preset for the refrigerator's performance optimization. We don't recommend to make any changes if there is not any particular requirement.

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