Built in Dual Zone Wine Cooler and Under Counter at Cheap Prices

Our Dual Zone Under Counter Wine Cooler Is Packed With Features To Protect And Preserve The Flavour Of Your Favourite Wines

If you are passionate about your wines, then our dual zone under-counter wine cooler is perfect for keeping your wines chilled and ready to be served. Offering flavour protection and temperature adjustable zones, our dual zone wine cooler helps preserve your expensive wines. From under-counter coolers to built-in coolers, we offer a wide range of cooling solutions for beverages.

If you love a specific type of wine and just stock that particular wine, then a single zone cooler will be perfect for you. However, for people who are passionate about different types of wines and entertain their guests lavishly, the dual zone wine coolers are right for them. Engineered using high-end technology, our coolers can store multiple types of wines at their optimum temperature, making them taste even better.

We understand that every kitchen is built differently so we try to make sure our wine coolers integrate into your kitchen space easily. We provide built-in dual zone wine coolers for wine lovers and offer designs that can fit seamlessly in nay modern kitchen.

For people who are short on space and want to use their available space smartly, we offer dual zone under-counter wine coolers. We also offer free standing wine coolers if you have a large kitchen or if you want to store numerous bottles of wine.

The good thing about our dual zone wine coolers is that they come in different sizes and different bottle capacities. KingsBottle has designed the coolers in such a way that they can be installed into virtually any under-counter or built-in space. Now you will be able to impress your guests with your prized collection of vintage white and red wine. Not only that, but our quality designs will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Ranging in various sizes and capacity, we stock coolers to meet everyone’s needs. So whether you want to buy a small and slim cooler or a big commercial cooler, we have got you covered with our cooler range. Our dual zone wine coolers don’t only have two temperature zones but they have a humidity control feature as well that prevents the corks from drying out.

If you want to complement your kitchen with a high-end and beautiful designed dual zone wine cooler, just give us a call at 562-944-1888.

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