Kingsbottle wine racks

Our Wine Racks

There is a lot of care that goes into picking the right wine for your dinner party, special event, or whatever your occasion may be. How you store your bottles can sometimes be just as important in preserving the craftsmanship of the bottle and beauty of your wine. Here at KingsBottle, we understand the importance of storing and displaying your wine when you aren’t drinking it. Our world-class wine racks are the perfect way to showcase your beautiful selection and customized to your taste.

Wine Racks to Fit Your Lifestyle

Whether you are a world-class restaurant or just a wine enthusiast, we have a sophisticated and high-quality wine storage rack for you. With a wide selection for any sized wine collection, you can customize how you showcase your bottles wherever they are displayed in your home, restaurant, or business.

Choose from a great wine cellar racks selection of grid, diamond, drawer, or shelf racks in various sizes and styles. These no-nonsense storage solutions complete any space and provide the support that can comfortably grow with your wine collection. Available in multiple finishes, including Dark Mahogany, Black Onyx, Rustic, or Natural Finish, there is a sleek and modern wine storage solution to fit your unique aesthetic.

Added Features to Maximize Wine Storage and Stability

Engineered with steel fixings and high-quality materials, these easy-to-assemble timber wine racks can be constructed and in-use in no time.

For more extensive collections, this modular wine rack can also be very easily connected to other wine racks with a set of connector clips, enabling you to increase your wine storage capacity when you need to very quickly.

Wine Racks Crafted for Style, Built to Last

Elegantly designed with a minimalistic feel to let your wine shine and remarkably durable construction to store your bottles securely, these wine racks are the perfect balance of chic form and function. With KingsBottle wine racks, we guarantee the best storage solution for your bottles of wines for years to come.

Store, age, or display your wines with KingsBottle wine racks and watch how showcasing your wine makes all the difference.