How Wine and Beverage Coolers Will Change Your Home?

If you've ever hosted holiday gatherings at your home or you've ever invited friends over for a party night filled with pizza, beer and games, then you've probably run up against one of the more frustrating aspects of hosting: keeping the drinks cold. Most refrigerators aren't capable of holding more than a few beverages at a time, and depending on the type of drink--like wine or beer--they may even make the drinks so cold that the taste is altered.

And beverage frustration isn't limited to holidays and parties: who hasn't felt like enjoying a cold beverage with dinner, only to discover the 3 drinks that fit into the fridge were consumed by someone else earlier in the day? Thankfully, there is something that can eliminate all this frustration and truly change your kitchen, your home and any hosted gatherings forever: the beverage cooler.

One Cooler, Many Drinks

One of the best things about reliable wine and beverage coolers is that their settings can be changed to comfortably cool different types of drinks depending on their optimum temperature. For example, if you are hosting a wine party, you can set the cooler to the best temperature for wine--rather than having to deal with sticking glasses in the fridge or hoping the bottle doesn't get too cold. Some models can even handle two different beverages with two different optimum temperatures at the same time; a beer and wine cooler combo is a great option if you happen to drink both.

Different Sizes for Different Needs

Beverage coolers come in three primary styles: under-the-counter coolers which fit underneath your counter space, portable standalone coolers which can be moved about the home or even outside depending on your needs, and larger standalone coolers which are heavier and not designed to be carted around. 

Undercounter beverage coolers are great if you don’t have a lot of space, or you simply want to keep your kitchen or home bar or entertainment room from looking too cluttered. Tall drinks fridges are perfect when you want to store a lot of beverages, while the smaller coolers are perfect if you want something that can be moved around.