Beer and Wine Cooler Combo for sale, Buy Beer and Wine Cooler Combo

Nowadays, the refrigeration industry has evolved a lot and you can find a plethora of cooling equipment that is designed to serve any specific purposes. Sometimes you require an online cooling solution for your special wine. One of the excellent cooling appliances available in the market these days is Beer and Wine Cooler Combo. These appliances are carefully designed for serving and storing wine at an ideal temperature because the right temperature is crucial for enjoying the liquor completely. If your special wine is not served at an ideal temperature, it loses its aroma and texture. Often, people think that the wine and beer chillers are either for commercial purposes or for those people who are collectors of wine & beer. But, it’s not right as these beautiful wine & beer chillers are an excellent addition to your beautiful kitchen and will definitely enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

In this blog post, we are going to share with you various benefits of having Beer and Wine Cooler Combo in your kitchen and later we will discuss some good cooler for you. So, let’s begin:

An Ideal Temperature for your Wine & Beer:

One of the primary reasons for getting a wine and beer cooler combo for your home is that you will always be able to serve wine and beer at the best or ideal temperature. The texture and the taste are reserved when your favorite wine & beer is served at the right temperature. You can easily find a combo cooler that has the right capacity to hold a wide array of bottles that you are planning to store as they are available in various sizes.

In addition to this, the refrigeration technology used in these wine and beer coolers has improved a lot and you can invest in those coolers that are energy efficient. Furthermore, you can find models with sophisticated and excellent features. You can also find dual-zone models as well that allow you to store a variety of beer and wines.

These combo wine beer coolers provide an excellent temperature gamut for storing your other favorite alcoholic drinks like beer, rum, whiskey, etc. It is a huge benefit because you can also store beer along with the wine bottles in these refrigerators. It also comes in handy as you are entertaining your guests because not all your guests have the same preferences while it comes to alcoholic beverages.

Additionally, these coolers are a good beverage storage place for various non-alcoholic drinks or soft drinks as they can be stored at any temperature adjusted by you. In case you also run short of space in your regular refrigerator at home, then you can use these refrigerators to store the cans of soda as well as soft drinks in the wine chiller.

Alternate Uses of Wine Refrigerators:

The wine and beer cooler is a good addition to the kitchen because it can also be used for storing a plethora of items such as eatables, fruits, vegetables as well as several other beverages. In addition to this, people can use this appliance as backup storage in case they need any extra refrigeration storage for their home. There are a plethora of foods that can be stored in this appliance. The temperature range of these coolers is usually under 40 F which is perfect for keeping all the perishable food fresh and healthy for a long time. In addition to this, you can also put chocolate, cheese, and cooking oil in this appliance. Therefore, it can also be an excellent backup storage solution for your kitchen.

Which Brand is good for Beer and Wine Cooler?

If you need to buy beer and wine cooler combo online, then there are various brands that are offering these kinds of appliances. KingsBottle is one of the most trusted and leading brands for Beer and Wine Coolers. They offer a unique all-in-one refrigeration solution for your beverages with their innovative 3-zone and 2-zone temperature wine beverage and cellar cooler combos.

Whether you want to chill wine, beer or any kind of soft drinks for your bar, pub patrons or family, their cooling combos offer plenty of space in order to keep all your drinks and beverages stored at their optimal and ideal temperatures.

Get the best features at minimum prices

KingsBottle has long been a trusted and world-renowned manufacturer of wine & beer coolers as well as chillers. They have years of rich expertise that has led them to seek out only the optimum quality features for their latest line of 3-zone and 2-zone temperature wine and beverage fridges that comprises:

Precision Control Modules-

Each of its units comes with best in class precision control modules in order to adjust zone temperature independently. In addition to this, 3 zone models are also available for even more control.

Embraco Compressors
Embraco compressors have set the benchmark in this industry for their reliability and long service life. Their energy-efficient design, the innovative cooling technique is one of the best in the market, with optimum and world-class engineering that offers a longer lifespan.

2-Year Warranty

All of their cooling units come with 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. Whether you are outfitting your night club’s wine and beer center or purchasing a new wine & beer refrigerator for your cabinet or home, you can rest assured that this brand’s famous customer service team stands with you and your purchase whenever there is any fault.

Design Meets Durability

Long-lasting durability, elegant design, and any personal service make it easy to see the value of their wine & beer fridge combo. Whether you want a stand-alone option for hundreds of cans & bottles or small, under-counter units, they can offer the perfect appliance at the right price. In addition to this, you also shop your perfect new stainless steel drink with a glass door and treat your bottles like kings.

Some Common Features of KingsBottle Beer and Wine Cooler Combo:

If you are looking for Beer and Wine Cooler Combo for sale, you should definitely go with KingsBottle Beer and Wine Cooler, as they provide out of the box features. Some of the common features are as follows:

● There is a charged tempered safety glass that is coated with 2 layers of Ultraviolet protection in order to keep your wine and beer safe from both fluorescent and incandescent light sources.
● There is an attractive stainless steel glass door hardware that is located on the beer and wine cooler that is easy to maintain and clean.
● The durable and quiet vibration-free cooling compressor comprises their state-of-the-art fan in order to distribute cool air throughout the entire cabinet, which ensures that temperature uniformity is maintained in the entire cooler.
● The beer and wine cooler combo includes four or even more (depending on the design) non-warping, strong, hardwood designer shelves and chromed shelves is also included in this. Both of these racks and shelves are easy to remove so as to tailor your wine and beer cooler and beverage center storage requirements.
● Security locks with a spare key in order to protect your stock.
● High-end and optimum grade digital display controllers.
● It contains unique front-vented heat dispersion systems which allow each cellar to be built into various cabinets with a minimal amount of clearance.
● Interior LEDs for lightning.

So what are you waiting for! Get yourself Beer and Wine Cooler Combo of Kingsbottle and cherish fresh and cool beverages in your home.