A Leading Source For Top Quality Wine Storage And Accessories

KingsBottle offers the highest quality wine storage refrigerators and coolers, beer and beverage fridges, and multi-beverage refrigerator combinations on the market, plus unique and stylish accessories to accompany every beverage center.

All of KingsBottle’s highly crafted and well-designed wine accessories are designed to accentuate and embellish every wine tasting experience.  Ranging from tabletop chillers and designer totes to beautiful decanters and top-quality wine-themed furniture, these accessories are the perfect accent to any wine collection and make excellent gifts for anyone who appreciates a good bottle of wine.  A few of the select wine accessories available at the company’s website include: 

  • Sophisticated and stylish wine gift set with a hand-crafted wine opener and classic wine pourer in an attractive and elegant gift box
  • A stainless-steel wine decanter that perfectly aerates any wine as it is poured through, bringing out the subtle bouquet and flavor elements of the wine
  • Vacuum wine stopper works with the most popular wine bottle mouths to keep wine fresher 
Having an excellent wine collection is more than just knowing what grapes grow best in Napa Valley, to the true connoisseur wine is more than a beverage, it’s a lifestyle.  Wine collectors also have their favorite wine accessories that make as much a statement about the collector as doe the bottles of wine chilling in the cooler.