Temperature Preset for Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Some people have questions about Dual Zone Wine Cooler Series as following:

I am setting to 55F degree in UPPER zone (Zone-1), but the LOWER zone (Zone-2) temperature can not be set lower than 59F degree, why ?

I'm sure that people who has such a question did not read the User Manual in details before using the cooler. You can find the note on the 1st page of User Manual for KBU50D /100D /170D TWO-TEMP ZONES MODELS as following:

For optimal use of this product, the temperature of the LOWER zone should be set at least 4°F above the temperature of the UPPER zone. "


  • UPPER Zone and LOWER Zone are not completely independent and isolated.
  • UPPER Zone get cold air from Evaporator (sources of cold air)
  • LOWER Zone get cold air from UPPER Zone (that's why the Temp. in LOWER Zone will be higher than UPPER Zone)

In Temperature controller system of KingsBottle Dual Zone series, Temperature Preset in LOWER Zone need to be 4F or more than UPPER Zone.

So, when the UPPER zone preset temp. is 55F, the LOWER zone is unable to set lower than 59F, it must be equal or higher than 59F.

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