Commercial Upright Beverage Cooler and Refrigerator

Buy A Simple And Practical Upright Fridge Or Beverage Cooler For Any Commercial Application At Competitive Prices

Every beverage has an ideal serving temperature. If you are on the lookout for a new commercial upright fridge or beverage cooler that can maintain beverages at this temperature, then Kings Bottle has got you covered.

Kings Bottle is a leading manufacturer of fridges and freezers. We sell a wide range of appliances that support the needs of the retail and hospitality industry sectors. Our commercial beverage refrigerator is designed to keep beverages cold and fresh at all times.

Our commercial upright fridge is the ideal product to keep beer, soft drinks, water bottles and cans cool.  Our fridges are manufactured using latest technology and are energy efficient. The latest technology maintains the temperature of the beverages throughout the day. In addition, we have different sizes and designs to suit any space requirements.

Whether you require commercial beverage coolers for hotel rooms, restaurants, pubs or shopping centres, we offer a wide variety to suit any requirements. Our mini-fridges are equipped with a small sized bottles placement feature. Browse through our range and see how our commercial fridges can make a visible difference to your business.

Learn more about our commercial products, or to place an order call us at: 562-944-1888 or 855-856-1841 (Toll-Free).

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