Champagne Cork Stool Cork Table

Our Cork Stools

While cork is most often associated with protecting your wine or the celebratory pop when you first open a bottle of bubbly champagne, this resilient material can be used in many other applications. At KingsBottle, we offer cork stools in ways you didn’t know you needed.

Fun and Functional Decor for your Home

Made from the highest quality cork available, get the oversized cork stool table of your dreams. With its flat top and solid foundation, pair this sturdy table with a wide variety of other home and interior designs. Whether you use this fun cork stool as a side table or decorative stool, it will be a fun talking point at any party. Have your pick between a tasteful round or flat top champagne cork stool cork table or minimalistic straight wine cork stool to bring sophistication and joy to your living space.

Versatile Accessory for the Wine Connoisseur

At KingsBottle, we know how delicious an excellent chilled wine is. It turns out, wine chilled in a cork stool ice bucket is even better! This beautifully designed ice bucket uses high-quality Champagne cork that is sized conveniently for any space. No matter where you put it in your home, it stands out as the envy of decorative accessories. Great for not only wine or champagne, this ice bucket holds up to two bottles, so your party or event is always ready with drinks. With the enduring material that is cork, the issue of condensation is eliminated, and you no longer have to worry about a ring of moisture ruining your table.

Cork Stool: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Fully sustainable and renewable natural resource, cork is fantastic for not only sealing in the beauty and richness of your wine but is a durable and versatile material. With an average lifespan of over 200 years, its bark can be harvested without damaging the tree. That means your cork stool is great for the environment and will be great looking in your home.

Jazz up your living space with your very own decorative KingsBottle cork stool today!