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Unique Wine Accessories

Owning the perfect wine collection is more than knowing what year was the best for merlot grapes coming out of the Tuscan countryside. To the true connoisseur, wine isn’t a beverage; it’s a lifestyle. Just as world-class chefs have their vast collections of kitchen gadgets, so too must wine collectors have their favorite unique wine accessories. This part of your collection can make as much of a statement as the bottles in your cooler.

Elevate Your Collection

All of our unique wine accessories are selected to accentuate and embellish your tasting experience. Our tabletop chillers, designer totes, and quality themed furniture can make for the perfect accents to your growing collection—or serve as the perfect gift for the wine collector in your life. Whether they are intended to display your bottles or serve your favorite vintage in peak condition, KingsBottle has you covered. 

We take as much pride in our knowledge of wines as in our legendary designs for wine storage. We have relied on that knowledge to help you create an even more spectacular wine collecting experience.