Assemble & Installation

Assemble & Installation

Download: Wine Rack Assembly Instruction

Protect your bottles

The set is included a full set of Neck Protector Clips free of charge. It is simply attached to the wine rack and also prevents the wine bottle from scratching through one another.

Improve Storage Capacity

This designer wine rack can easily be connected to other wine racks with a set of optimum quality connector clips. These clips enable you to very promptly enhance your wine storage capacity.

Wine Rack Connector Clips

Stay Stable

If you would like to connect the rack system to the adjacent wall, you need to prevent anything from getting unstable, the wall support brackets of the wine rack are your best solution.

These wall support brackets with 9.26" (235mm) length come in 9.26" (235 mm) length size and these are sold separately. The provided wall support brackets are suitable for all steel and timber wine racks in KingsBottle.

Wall Bracket

Note: It is recommended to have 2 brackets per square meter (10 sqft).


This wine rack offered by us is available both un-assembled and pre-assembled. The offered un-assembled wine racks need at-home assembly that can become difficult. The assembly is a straightforward and simple process, although a rubber mallet is also needed which is also available from us.

Assembly Time

Assembly time: approximately 30 minutes for the 50 bottle wine racks and 60 minutes for the 100 bottles.

The offered wine racks are carefully assembled manually in the U.S.A. Also, shop in confidence knowing that you’re supporting manufacturing in the USA.

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