Embraco Fullmotion Inverter Compressor

You can never reach perfection when your main business goal is to satisfy the highest client expectations. That’s why our company decided to introduce a major update to the compressors that work in the core of our fridges. The updated Embraco Fullmotion Inverter Compressor fridge is more reliable, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly than all past models we’ve employed. 

Why is an Embraco compressor the best choice? Let’s take a look.

Advantage and Benefits of Embraco Inverter Compressor:

Embraco, multinational company focused on innovation and one of the world's largest manufacturers of hermetic compressors for refrigeration, was the first to launch Fullmotion technology in the market. 

The new solution has an efficiency level, required in the applications, that makes it possible to use the same electrical connection as On-Off compressors, but with all the efficiency of Fullmotion technology.

Another advantage attributed to refrigerators equipped with Embraco inverter compressor is better wine preservation since the compressor maintains a stable temperature inside the equipment. This technology also brings more convenience to the consumer, as it reaches the ideal wine and beverage temperature quickly as well as offering more internal space in refrigerators.

It’s Energy-Efficient

Embraco It’s Energy-Efficient

Energy efficiency drives our product development. We continually invest in research and development to create products that are increasingly more economical, quieter and environmentally friendly. As a result of efforts to increase energy efficiency in our products, and to surpass our customers’ highest expectations, we have upgraded every our compressor wine cooler to be equipped with Embraco Fullmotion Inverter Compressor – a compressor that varies the cooling capacity according to the need, providing a reduction in energy consumption by up to 40%.

Embraco Fullmotion Inverter Compressor

It’s ‘Green’

Embraco fullmotion inverter compressor uses natural refrigerant gases R600a which is the ideal gases for refrigeration. These refrigerant gases are alternatives for reducing the negative effects on the ozone layer and the greenhouse effect, and for improving the energy efficiency index, which meet the strictest environmental regulations.

It’s ‘Smart’

Can you imagine how inverter compressor works? Unlike a conventional compressor, the Embraco Fullmotion Inverter Compressor does not abruptly start and stop; rather, it varies its power and running speed according to the immediate cooling requirement of the compressor, ensuring consistent, uniform cooling and consuming less energy. Less start and stop also means less noise and less wear and tear of internal components, elongating compressor life.

Fullmotion Inverter Compressor for wine cooler

See for Yourself How the Inverter Compressor Works 

All these advantages and more make our enhanced inverter compressor refrigerator unique in its kind and perfect for cooling beverages that are highly susceptible to temperature spikes. Moreover, you get some truly reliable equipment to serve you for years without the need for repairs or replacement of separate parts. Experience this efficient renovation of the standard refrigerator’s components set with Embraco fullmotion inverter compressor-based fridges.

Fullmotion Inverter Compressor for beer cooler